Roller Coaster Proposal

This Is Basically The Craziest Marriage Proposal Of All. Damn. Time.

It’s difficult to understand what Austin Crecelius ended up being thinking when he proposed to his girlfriend Allie on a moving roller coaster. “You shouldn’t drop the ring,” will have to end up being towards the top of record.

“i am hoping my pals are getting this on movie,” might be a close second.

Apparently, at some stage in their particular crazy connection, Allie informed Austin that existence was actually like a roller coaster, with its downs and ups. The guy latched onto this concept, foregoing an elegant bistro or walk on the coastline for “The Voyage” at vacation industry.

Browse the video clip below. As Austin launches into their spiel and they start to climb, Allie starts paying a lot more attention to her sweetheart than the future drop. He is in Speech Mode, not their normal talking sound. She can tell something is upwards.

“existence has its own ups and downs, twists and turns,” states Austin, “also it merely throws you for a circle sometimes.”

“but it is much more enjoyable with a friend,” he goes on. By the point the guy gets to “therefore i desired to ask you…” Allie is actually overcome with feeling.

Also overcome to respond a great deal with the terrifying descent that uses. But once they achieve base, she’s cheerful.

As well as causeing the hand motion — like, “Dude, exactly what the hell was actually that?”

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Good on Austin for mixing one butterflies-in-the-stomach event with another for a suggestion his wife will never forget. And good-luck to the new pair. Here is hoping that, no matter what good and the bad on their future drive with each other, it really is filled up with delights.